Handbook – responsibility for chimichangas and sustainability in vocational education

The project evolves around vocational training and awareness in regards of sustainable development within the vocational education and curricula to emphasize both awareness and skills in people-environment-economy fields.

The assumption of the project is to develop 36 scenarios for classes for teaching professions in at least 3 sectors, where the subject content is presented in a way that shows the connection between professional activities and the impact on nature and society. The challenge is to prepare teaching material that will be interesting, accessible, and encouraging for young people to act. This is a task for a team from 3 countries who will work together on lesson plans for students and a training concept for teachers and trainers.

In the process of improving the quality of education, it is necessary to ensure the completeness and complementarity of activities, especially when it comes to activities aimed at introducing innovations in a long-term perspective.

Before the new vocational teaching material reaches the public, it will be tested with students and teachers in Poland, Germany, and Denmark to check if it is universal enough to be used by schools and training places in different EU countries. This is also achieved by translating the handbook into the languages of all partner countries and into English.

The project also aims to strengthen the potential of the participating organizations - Faveo Foundation, Bildungsnetzwerk Magdeburg and the Danish school Preparatory Basic Education (FGU) in Hørning. Employees from the organisations are participating in developing the training scenarios and will participate in an international training course in Skanderborg (Denmark). They will learn new working methods in the EUD sector and innovative solutions to shape vocational education with the perspective of maintaining a balance in environmental, human, and financial resources.

The final version of the handbook is planned for dissemination in the last months of 2023. All language versions will be available free of charge on the Faveo Foundations website, on the project partners' websites and EPALE's educational platform. The project is implemented under the Erasmus+ program "Cooperation partnerships in the vocational training sector".
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